Back to School Yoga

With yoga baby number 2 starting school this week I’ve been thinking about how to help her (and me!) with the transition. It can be super stressful dealing with such big changes, especially after a long lazy summer. These simple yoga practices can help everyone cope with the changes, and may help your transition go more smoothly.

1. Mountain pose

Take a moment to connect to the earth and connect to the breath as you stand tall in mountain pose. Feel the energy from the ground flowing up through your entire body. If you’d like to, lift your hands to the sky. Notice how this lifts your energy. Feel the spine lengthening and enjoy the stretch.

2. Tree pose

Lift one foot to come into a balance. Try to focus on the breath, let go of any thoughts and remain steady. Tree pose is very grounding, helping us to feel connected. Balancing also helps with concentration, very useful when we’re trying to get brains back into gear for school time!

3. Warrior pose

Come into your favourite warrior pose and feel strong. Know that whatever happens, you can do this. You are strong, you are capable, you are in control.

4. Downward dog

If you’re in need of an energy boost, this inversion can help. Downward dog increases the blood flow to the brain and can be a great pick me up. It also stretches the entire body, which is lovely after a day sitting at a desk.

5. Child’s pose

Feel safe as you curl up into child’s pose. Staying here for a few breaths allows you to turn your attention inwards, noticing how you are feeling and giving yourself the love and attention you need. This pose allows you to rest easily, and is brilliant for reducing stress and anxiety.  Whilst your child rests here take the opportunity for sharing loving touch as you stroke their back or gently press on their hips or shoulders.

6. Lion breath

Whether you are struggling to talk to new people, finding it difficult to speak up in class, or dealing with frustrations, lion breath lets you get rid of tension in the throat. Unblocking the throat chakra can help you to release anger and find your voice.

7. Legs up the wall

Let yourself be fully supported in this gentle restorative inversion. This posture can help the bosy to slow down and relax, reducing stress and anxiety and helping with sleep. It is also a lovely posture to practice if you suffer from headaches or lower back pain.

8. Belly breathing

Place your hands on your belly and notice the rise and fall. Let go of all other thoughts and concentrate just on the belly. Notice the natural rhythm of your breath, as you stay here does the breath slow? Do you find you breathe more deeply? Kepp breathing and let go of whatever you need to.

9. Upside down

If all else fails, turn yourself upside down. It’s guaranteed to make you smile!

Let me know how you and your children are coping with being back at school. What works for your family?

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