Happy Winter

Speaking to the mums in my baby yoga classes yesterday about Christmas wishes one thing that came across was our need to simplify things.  To let go of the idea of perfection, and enjoy simple pleasures.  Time spent together, happiness and health, moments of calm.

It’s easy to get carried away with preparations, especially at this time of year.  Whatever midwinter festival you celebrate, or even if you don’t celebrate a festival, it can seem there is just so much to be done.  From Christmas trees (apparently the stylish tree this year will have rainbow coloured decorations, with the colours changing from the bottom to the top), to carefully selected advent gifts, to coordinated crackers and dinner services, to preparing the perfect feast.  This year I’m remembering to take joy in the preparations, rather than see them as the build up to one perfect day.

For me, Solstice and Christmastime is about combining quietness, family time, and celebration.  It’s about a bit of chaos, lots of noise, clashing colours, bringing together old and new, and wrapping everything up in warmth and lots love.

This winter I’m looking to create family traditions, without giving myself more ‘work’.  Simple things that bring pleasure, to us or to others.  Instead of viewing cards, cakes and other preparations as chores we are thinking of them as happiness tasks.  I’m not managing all the time, and I am certainly guilty of uttering the words “there is just so much to do” on more than one occasion, but I am trying.  And it is making a difference.  I’m also avoiding ideas of picture perfect Christmases.  Our tree doesn’t match, the mince pies will be slightly wonky, our cake will be covered in decorations old and new (with 3 Santas that are all bigger than the fir trees), and the gifts we make will be far from perfect.

See if you can bring moments of calm and quiet to your December, celebrating the season of dark nights and cold days.  Let go of the idea of perfection, and focus on what matters to you.  If you enjoy baking give yourself time in the kitchen with your favourite music, radio programme or audiobook to bake your favourite goodies.  If you love the outdoors, take time to walk, appreciate the changing seasons, and maybe even collect some pinecones (surely painted and glitter covered pinecones will never go out of fashion for Christmas decorations?!?).

View family gatherings and parties as an opportunity to connect with people you don’t see that often, rather than worrying about what food and drink to prepare or whether your Christmas nails coordinate with your Christmas jumper!!

And find a moment to stop.  Traditionally the winter solstice is a time to look back in quiet reflection on the year that has been, and to look forwards in anticipation of a new season of growth.

Whatever the season holds for you, take a moment to turn your attention inwards and find your happiness.  Celebrate in your own way, hold onto what means most to you, and try not to lose the joy under a mountain of rainbow coloured baubles!

Happy Winter, Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019.

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