5 Reasons You Should Try Family Yoga

I love family yoga.  Life is busy, life is hectic, life with children is even busier.  Family yoga gives us a chance to spend some quality time together.  It’s difficult to get time away from work, chores, activities, homework, and all the other day to day stuff that gets in the way.  Family yoga gives us the opportunity to just be together, so screens, no expectations, nothing to do except enjoy the experience.

Here are 5 reasons you should give it a go

1. Learn to play

Playing with children can be exhausting, and it’s hard work and it can be difficult to remember life before responsibilities.  Family yoga is all about fun and play.   We include games, songs and silliness in every class to give you a chance to connect to your inner child and gain some new tools for your playtime tool kit.

2. Build strength

Yoga is a fantastic way to build body strength, no matter what age you are.  Through yoga postures, physical activity and acrobatic partner poses, family yoga classes can tone your muscles and strengthen your body.  A regular yoga practice can also help build mental resilience.

3. Find calm

Family yoga is not always quiet (expect noise, laughter and song), but we do always include a few moments of calm.  There are very few moments in day to day life when we are not pulled in different directions, and it can be difficult to focus on what’s happening right here and now.  Learn breathing techniques, child friendly meditations, and how to relax together.  These skills can be taken out of class and used whenever you need to escape the business.

4. Build your relationships

Family yoga provides children and adults a chance to observe one another and learn from each other.  There are not many opportunities when people of all ages participate in activities together.  Children have the chance to watch their parents learning something that may be as new for the parent as it is for them, they may even find something that they can do more successfully than their parent.  Seeing a parent as a human, who has strengths and weaknesses, helps children realise that their parent is not perfect and can ease the pressure of expectations.

5. Work together

In family yoga classes we include partner yoga and even group yoga postures.  We learn to work together, cooperating and listening to each other.  We also might swap traditional roles, so the child might give their parent a massage, the parent may be taught how to do a difficult pose by their child.


We need to put time and care into our families for them to flourish.  Yoga is perfect for this.  Children, parents, siblings, any family members can enjoy practicing yoga together. A chance to nurture and strengthen family bonds whilst having fun, supporting one another and experiencing the benefits of a yoga practice.

Join me in Cupar monthly on Saturday mornings and try it for yourself.

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