Spring – Time to readress the balance

This week saw the Spring equinox, when day and night, light and dark are perfectly balanced.  It is a time to think about balance, and about awakening as we notice the earth bursting into life around us.

I’ve been thinking a lot about balance recently.  It started when I began wobbling all over the place (even more than usual!!) during standing balancing postures in my practices a few weeks ago.  Then my teacher commented that I was pushing myself too far in certain postures (not one of my usual habits) and asked if I was overstretching myself in my life right now… “you mean trying to do everything and not giving myself a break?”, “yep that would do it”.  I realised right then that my life has been completely off balance for a while.  I’ve been pouring energies into the things I feel that I need to do, instead of pouring my energies into the things I love and that bring me joy.

I love how my yoga practice shows me when things aren’t quite right.  It’s one of the reasons I love this practice so much.  Even when I am doing a physical asana practice, I find myself learning about myself, my mind, the way I react to things, my coping mechanisms, how my life is going, and so much more.

So, I sat down and thought about what I could do.  It’s not as simple as readjusting my work/life balance, as there is a lot of my work that I love and that brings me lots of joy.  But I noticed that I’ve been putting energies into the business side of my business rather than reading, research, lesson planning, and of course teaching which are the parts that I love.  We all put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do everything.  For someone running a business there is a lot of pressure to keep up with social media, fancy graphics, blog posts, websites, marketing and not to mention the ongoing everyday admin.  And of course, if you step away from all this there is the panic that you will be forgotten.

But I’ve decided to step away (a little) anyway.  I’ll still be posting pictures and updates from classes (as I know you love to see how all the little yogis are doing), I’ll keep posting my practice on Instagram, and when I have something to say I might write a blog post.  I’ll check my emails regularly (but not more than once a day) and respond to messages through social media.  But for most of my working week I am going to put my energy back where it belongs, on delivering the best classes to all of you.  And Spring is the perfect time to engage with this creative energy.

How is your life looking right now?  Do you need to readdress the balance?

Upcoming Events

On Saturday this week I’m teaching a balance workshop for women at The Malt Barn Studio.  We’ll be using a mixture of more dynamic and restorative practices, breathing, meditation and relaxation to restore balance and harmony.  My women’s yoga workshops are all completely full, however watch this space for more dates in the future and do let me know if you want to be informed about upcoming events.

It’s nearly the April school holidays, during which I plan to stop working completely and recharge my batteries for at least one of the weeks.  I will be teaching one class during the holidays, a family yoga session with a superhero theme on Friday 12th April at 10am in St Andrews.  It’s going to be lots of fun as we learn how yoga can give us superpowers!!!  This session is aimed at children around 3-10 years old, along with any adult family members that would like to accompany them.  It is £15 per family, including yoga, snack (fruit/biscuits/water/tea/coffee) and craft activities and is available to book now through bookwhen.com/warmheartsyoga

A new block of postnatal yoga classes starts on Thursday 25th April and runs for 6 weeks.  I have had wonderful feedback from the mums in this class, including the comment from one mum that the class is the highlight of her week.  There is still time to book into the new block at the special early bird rate of just £50 if you book before the end of March.

Term Dates

My current term finishes on Friday 5th April for all parent and child and kids’ classes (postnatal and adult classes finish a week earlier).  The new term starts for everyone on Monday 22nd April.  All classes are now available to book online.

Thanks to everyone as always for your continuing support and encouragement.  I love that every week someone shares with me a story about how yoga is benefiting them or their children (or both).  Isn’t yoga just magic?!?

Enjoy the Springtime



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