When you decide to come along to a mother and baby yoga class…


  • Come to class whenever you can (even if you are running late and still in your jammies)
  • Have fun
  • Share your experiences with other parents
  • Follow your baby’s cues and take their lead
  • Listen to your body and do what feels right for you at that time
  • Take time to relax, as much as possible
  • Leave your phone to the side (or switch it off!)
  • Rest when your baby is feeding
  • Ask questions
  • Take things slowly
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Nourish yourself with food, water and rest
  • Use pranayama and breathing techniques
  • Use the practices you enjoy at home
  • Sing
  • Use noise and sound effects
  • Use twists to help heal the abdominals and split rectus
  • Focus on healing slowly from the inside out
  • Focus on how your practice feels
  • Follow your instincts and trust yourself
  • Go with the flow and accept whatever happens


  • Try new things when your baby is tired or grumpy
  • Do any inversions for a while
  • Rush back to your old practice
  • Stand in a wide stance or sit with legs far apart
  • Do any poses that strongly stretch across the abdomen
  • Practice deep lunges or hip openers
  • Do sit ups or other strong abdominal work
  • Think about the shapes you are making or how your practice looks
  • Do anything that doesn’t feel right for you or your baby
  • Worry or stress

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