Summer Newsletter – Party Planning and Simple Pleasures

I can’t quite believe that it is almost June, Summer seems to have snuck up on me this year and I’m not entirely sure what happened to the Spring.I love the summer, I love the long days and lighter evenings, playing outside, the occasional day when I don’t need to wear a jumper, going barefoot, picnics and outdoor eating.  I also love the school holidays.  I won’t claim that I don’t have moments (or days, or even weeks) when I miss the usual routine, or when my girls are driving me absolutely crazy, but generally I relish the time we get together.

Summer is a time when everything seems a little more relaxed and easy, maybe it’s because we have so many more hours of daylight?  It’s a great time to allow yourself to play and explore, try something new and see the wonder all around.  A time to be in the moment and let go of whatever you need to.  Enjoy the beauty of the world around you, take pleasure in being outdoors.  I’m trying to live in the moment, and connect to the simple things just now, slowing down when I can and remembering to breathe.  It means I notice more, such as the sunset on Tuesday.  It was stunning.  I walked home from teaching my classes with a gorgeous view of black clouds and pink sky over the rooftops.

This summer my first baby will be 8.  I can’t quite believe it, 8 sounds so much older for some reason, and creeping closer and closer to double figures!  She’s asked for a very small party this year, just 3 friends around for a garden party, which is quite handy because I’m a little busy planning a slightly bigger party just now… my wedding!!!

After 14 years together, my partner and I have decided to make it official, tie the knot and throw a party for our family and close friends.  Because I am impatient, we’ve booked a date in December this year, and because I am a perfectionist this might be a very silly idea.  A friend informed us that it takes years to plan a wedding, I’m sure that it’s possible in (less than) 7 months (and counting), isn’t it???  At least I have my yoga practice to breathe my way through it.

Apart from wedding planning, I’m busy with some new classes at the moment.

Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal yoga has proved a big hit for the mums that have been coming along, they tell me it is the highlight of their week and so by request I am squeezing in an extra 3 week block before the summer holidays.  The block will run on Thursdays at 10am from 6th June to 20th June in St Andrews, just £30 for the 3 weeks.  We usually spend the first hour in some delicious, gentle stretches to ease out aches and pains, tone and strengthen the body.  Then we have a blissful 10-15 minutes for relaxation (with fluffy blankets and cushions), followed by the very important tea and biscuits.  There are still spaces available for this class, so pop across to bookwhen and book your space if you’d like to join me.

Postnatal classes will resume after the summer holidays, watch this space for more details coming soon.

Early Morning Yoga

Morning is my preferred time to practice.  Although the body tends to be a little stiff first thing, it feels amazing to stretch out.  I also love to spend a few minutes simply breathing, and setting my intention for the day, thinking about my goals and what I need at the moment, it makes my day seem so much more manageable.  I also love the fact that when I’ve done my morning yoga, my evening is free to do whatever I like!  I’m starting a morning class at the Malt Barn on Thursday 30th May.  Join me at 7am to get yourself ready for whatever the day has in store.  Classes will include setting intentions, breathing practices, yoga postures and more dynamic yoga sequences such as sun salutations and vinyasas between postures to wake up the body and mind.  Spaces are still available, book online now.

Summer Holidays

I stop teaching my regular timetable over the summer, but there are still chances for you to get your yoga fix.  This year I’ll be returning to Cambo to teach the extremely popular outdoor family yoga sessions (aimed at children aged 3 and upwards along with their family), and teaching a couple of outdoor sessions for adults. 

Wellness Wednesday classes will run in the walled garden at 6pm on 31st July and 7th August.  These sessions are suitable for all, whether or not you have experience of yoga, and will incorporate breathing practices, meditation and movement in a beautiful setting.  Classes cost £10 per person. 

More information and dates for family yoga can be found on my website and facebook, and all classes are available to book online.

For my adult clients, I am teaching a block of 3 classes at the Malt Barn this summer.  These classes will run on Tuesday evenings at 7pm, 23rd and 30th July and 6th August.  This class is now available to book online as a 3 week block for £27.

Women’s Yoga

These workshops have been such a treat.  I feel amazing after teaching the sessions, and from the feedback I have been given it seems that the women attending also feel amazing!  One email I received read “I feel that your sessions have kept me sane this year! I kid you not! They truly are magical and I’ve adored learning about a different side of yoga, … connecting with universal energy and the restorative yoga. Amazing.”  There is one more opportunity to experience the yoga magic before the summer in my Energise (but in a lovely and restorative way) workshop on Saturday 22nd June, 2.30-4.30pm.  This workshop will be held at the Malt Barn Studio and costs £30.

In the meantime….

I should probably start party planning!

Have a lovely summer



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