6 Reasons to try Yoga Babies

  1. Help baby’s physical, mental and emotional development

The moves and sequences used with the babies in yoga classes are specifically designed to help baby’s development.  The stretches can help babies to build strength and flexibility.  Working both sides of the body stimulates the nervous system and can help develop connections in the brain.  Songs and rhymes stimulate babies and links have been made between early learning of nursery rhymes and later reading skills.  Providing time in close contact with an adult carer helps babies to feel safe and secure, aiding their healthy emotional development.

  1. Develop communication skills

Early communication happens long before babies can speak, or even gesture.  Very young children will use eye contact, facial expression and movement to communicate with their adult carers.  Touch is one of the earliest forms of communication, and many studies have been done to show that positive touch in the early years is essential to healthy development.  In yoga babies classes we use lots of positive touch, and spend time watching babies closely, which can help parents to tune into their baby’s needs and recognise their emotions.

  1. Gentle stretches for adults

Parents often find that they hold a lot of tension in their shoulders and upper back.  The stretches I incorporate for adults in yoga babies classes target these areas particularly to help create space and release tightness.  Lower back pain is another common complaint, due to weakened abdominal muscles, and lots of time carrying and holding babies (and their equipment!).  The gentle yoga sequences in class can help ease pain in the lower back, and will also slowly help you regain strength and stability in the core and the pelvis.  We also look at different ways to pick up, lift and hold your little one, with tips for how to do these actions most comfortably.

  1. Support from other parents

Adjusting to life as a parent can leave you feeling isolated, anxious and unsure.  One of the most valuable things about attending a class, is having the opportunity to share experiences with others.  Realising that there are other people feeling and going through exactly the same as you can be immensely reassuring.  And even if there is no magic cure to the 4 month sleep regression, no perfect routine that will work for every baby, it is helpful just to hear stories from others in the same boat (or in this case maybe the same haze of sleep deprivation, exhaustion and doubt).

  1. A baby friendly environment

I have brought my own children along to classes, and aim to provide a relaxed place to be.  You are welcome to feed your baby, change them, and there is no pressure to join in with everything.  I encourage parents to follow their own needs and those of their baby’s.  I do not expect babies to follow a plan, follow instructions, or be silent for any length of time!

  1. A hot cup of tea

And if that’s not enough, at the end of class I will make you a cup of tea (or hot drink of your preference) and happily hold your baby whilst you drink it if you like.

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