May 2020 Update

Dear all,

Here we are.  Lockdown continues and we are all unsure of what happens next or where we are going from here.  The best way to describe my emotions recently has been a rollercoaster ride.  There have been good days and bad days, easier days and harder days, days when I’m full of energy and raring to go and days when I would quite happily stay in bed.

How are you?  Please feel free to message me at any point through email, social media, whatsapp etc. if you would like to share how you are feeling, ask a yoga question or simply connect with someone.

What is helping you get through the days?  My yoga practice has always helped me feel ready for whatever life has in store for me, but I am cherishing that early morning time by myself so much more now.  I have started integrating more pranayama (breathing practices) into my daily practice and also have been learning some more classical yoga chants in Sanskrit.  Some of you have heard me testing out my new knowledge as I have chanted during relaxataions… I’m not sure how it works over the computer audio, hopefully it doesn’t sound too terrible!!

I also have a big timetable on the cupboard door in our hallway and every evening I stick up what we are all doing the next day, not in great detail but enough so I can remember when I am teaching and who needs to be in a zoom meeting when!  If I didn’t have this it is possible I would forget to come to class.  It’s not happened yet but I did get the wrong time for my workshop the other Saturday, luckily I was 45 minutes too early not too late.

The final thing that is helping me now is the sunshine, getting outside makes everything feel a lot better, especially when you add ice cream or a G&T!!

The on-line classes are going well, and at times it feels almost as good as being in the room with you!  I miss the chat and the giggles, and I miss being able to hear your breath. I know that it is a very different experience, and for the younger children especially it is hard to keep them on focus and involved throughout the sessions.  Please remember that sometimes small people are learning and taking everything in when it looks like their attention is elsewhere, and they may surprise you later!  It may be helpful to find a space that you use for yoga each week, and where it is possible get rid of some distractions, but I realise this is difficult or impossible for some of you.

For the adult classes, you might find it helpful to invest in a few yoga props.  A yoga block and brick may be useful for some postures, or find a couple of big sturdy hardback books that could take their place.  Have a blanket handy for the relaxation at the end of class, and  anything else that helps you feel relaxed.

The timetable will remain the same for the moment, and I have just put another 5 week block of classes available to book online.

At the moment I have no idea how or when we are going to return to face to face teaching.  I don’t know whether the Malt Barn studio will survive this, or whether I will have to try and change the way I teach to accommodate social distancing.  I am still taking everything one step at a time, and will keep you informed of any developments.Thank you all so much for continuing to support me through this.  For signing up for classes and showing up with a smile on my screen, for recommendations to family and friends, and for the positive emails you have sent.

I hope  you are all well, keeping safe and staying sane.

I’m ending this message with one of my favourite chants, from the Upanishads.

Om saha nāvavatu

saha nau bhunaktu

saha vīrjaṃ karavāvahai

teđasvi nāvadhītamastumā vidvišāvahai

Om śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ

This can be translated to…

May we together be protected

May we together be nourished

May we work together with vigor

May our study be illuminating

May we be free from discord

Om peace, peace, peace

So much love to you all



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