5 Ways to Involve your Children in your Yoga Practice

1.  Practice in front of them It is not always ideal to practice yoga around your children, it certainly can take away some of those calm and quiet vibes!  But letting your child see you practice yoga is the first way to spark their interest.  They can see what you are doing, and you can […]

What to expect when you come to Yoga Babies

I am so excited to be able to restart my parent and baby classes in person. I know that this change brings it’s own challenges, fears and anxieties. Please rest assured that I am doing everything I can to try and ensure that you feel safe and comfortable when attending classes. The information below gives […]

Non Attachment

This week I’ve been playing with the idea of non attachment in my classes. The idea of non attachment appears in texts that are central to the spirital teachings of yoga. In Pantajali’s Yoga Sutras, we are given 5 Yamas, these provide guidance on how to live our lives. The last of these Yamas is […]

May 2020 Update

Dear all, Here we are.  Lockdown continues and we are all unsure of what happens next or where we are going from here.  The best way to describe my emotions recently has been a rollercoaster ride.  There have been good days and bad days, easier days and harder days, days when I’m full of energy […]

6 Reasons to try Yoga Babies

Help baby’s physical, mental and emotional development The moves and sequences used with the babies in yoga classes are specifically designed to help baby’s development.  The stretches can help babies to build strength and flexibility.  Working both sides of the body stimulates the nervous system and can help develop connections in the brain.  Songs and […]