Non Attachment

This week I’ve been playing with the idea of non attachment in my classes. The idea of non attachment appears in texts that are central to the spirital teachings of yoga. In Pantajali’s Yoga Sutras, we are given 5 Yamas, these provide guidance on how to live our lives. The last of these Yamas is […]

May 2020 Update

Dear all, Here we are.  Lockdown continues and we are all unsure of what happens next or where we are going from here.  The best way to describe my emotions recently has been a rollercoaster ride.  There have been good days and bad days, easier days and harder days, days when I’m full of energy […]

February 2019 Newsletter

I’m sitting here with the sun streaming through the window.  Have you noticed how the sun is rising just that little earlier in the mornings now?  And setting just a little later?  I’ve been making the most of the stunning weather this past week and walking (for as long as I can before my toes […]

My Yoga Journey

When I first began to practice yoga (in a student flat, from a video, back in 2001) I had no idea that I would end up here.   I happened upon yoga quite accidently, but was drawn to it immediately.  The flowing sequences and the deep stretches reminded me of my many years dancing as a […]