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Good morning Sarah. Thanks for a great yoga session. I slept well for the first time in a week

Julia and Isobel

The Warm Hearts Baby Yoga class is a highlight for my daughter. The songs and movements are fun and easy to join in, while at the same time providing strength and balance training for the little one as well as mum. My daughter especially enjoys the thrill of the flying movements.

Lizzie and Monty

This class is certainly a highlight of the week for us both.  I have found it a super way to constructively expel some of my (very!) mobile baby's energy in a fun and relaxed way.  Sarah is a fantastic teacher, very perceptive and patient with both the kids and the mums! We try to do some of the songs and moves (or at least a version of!) at home which always results in fits of giggles - what can be better than that!

Linda and Astrid

I love the combination of exercise, relaxation, and sociability - the classes offer all three elements, and for parents and babies in equal measure!

Emma and Ali

I can't recomend this highly enough. Went to these classes for 2-3 months and only stopped due to going back to work. We learned lots of moves that were very useful then and that I still use on a daily basis now. That combined with the social aspect make it a lovely way to spend time with your little one

Beccy and Grace

Grace is a very active girl, so I was looking for an activity for us to do together that would focus her attention but provide some healthy activity at the same time.  I wasn't expecting Grace to engage as much as she does and thought it would benefit me much more, however she loves her yoga class and I was surprised at how much she concentrates and takes in.  You really capture their imaginations by making the sessions themed and Grace talks about the class for days afterwards.  Grace is always doing the moves at home... especially downward facing dog and tree pose... she proudly tells me she is doing her exercises!  It is so nice to be able to do this activity together, we look forward to it every week - thanks!