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April Holiday Family Yoga

Find your inner superpowers in this family yoga session.

Take some time out of the hectic daily routines to spend some time stretching, moving and relaxing together.

The energetic sequences are balanced with moments of calm, meditations, mudras and relaxation. The emphasis on these classes is working together. Alongside our traditional yoga postures, breathing practices, stories, songs and fun we will incorporate partner poses and acrobatics, games and more.

This session is aimed at children around 3 to 10 years (older and younger siblings are welcome) along with any adult family members that would like to come along. Mums, dads, siblings, aunties and grandads are all welcome!

The session will include a yoga class, relaxation, craft activity and snack (tea/coffee, water, fruit and biscuits).

£15 per family

Spaces must be booked in advance.

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Women’s Yoga

These workshops will include pranayama (breathing practices), meditation, movement and relaxation leaving you nourished, well rested and rejuvenated.

In our busy, fast-paced, demanding and stressful lives, we become so familiar with the tightness and tensions that we hold in our bodies that rarely do we consciously realise the deep need for relaxing and releasing these deeply held tensions. It’s only by relaxing deeply and consciously, that we can allow these tensions to release, allow our bodies to soften and energy to flow.

We will warm the body with a slow flow before moving into deeply restorative postures and finishing with Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). As we move through the restorative poses, we use blankets, blocks, straps and other props to deeply support each posture. The more fully your body is supported, the deeper your sense of relaxation and surrender. And the more fully you surrender, the greater your ability to release physical and emotional stress.

Release stress, release anxiety, release whatever it is that no longer serves you, and return to a state of balance and well-being.

All welcome, no prior yoga experience necessary.

Spaces limited and must be booked in advance, book online here


February 23rd – Renew and Refresh (FULLY BOOKED)

March 23rd – Balance (FULLY BOOKED)

April 27th – Nurture and Nourish (FULLY BOOKED)

May 18th – Bloom

June 22nd – Energise


One workshop £30 Book two for £55

All workshops are held at The Malt Barn Studio, South Street, St Andrews

Family Yoga

Join us for our monthly family yoga sessions in Cupar on Saturday mornings at 10am.  All the family can join in these relaxed yoga sessions, which use stories, fun and games to teach yoga postures, breathing and meditation.   Classes are aimed at children around 3-10 years, younger siblings are welcome to join in.


The dates for 2019 can be found below and all classes can be booked here.

Jan 26th – A Haggis Hunt
Feb 23rd – Love, love, love
Mar 23rd – Mother’s Day
Apr 27th – Springtime
May 25th – Under the sea