Do I need experience of yoga?

No, you don’t need any experience of yoga.  All the moves in our Warm Hearts classes are suitable for all levels and will be clearly explained.


Adult Classes

How do I prepare?

I recommend avoiding eating for 2 hours prior to class.  Drink plenty of water before class and afterwards.  Avoid wearing hand cream or body lotion and strong smelling perfumes.

What should I wear?

Leggings are ideal as they let me see your alignment, shorts or loose trousers may be worn if you prefer.  A vest top or T-shirt should be enough in warmer months, when it is cooler you may like a warmer top to begin with and for relaxation.  Shoes should be removed before entering the studio, and I recommend practicing in bare feet.

What should I bring?

Mats are provided, although you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.  I discourage drinking during Ashtanga classes, but you may like to bring water for after class.  You may like to bring a jumper and socks or something warm for relaxation.

Is it okay that I am not very flexible/unfit/overweight?

Yes.  Yoga is an inclusive practice and is suitable for all.  Modifications are provided during classes for postures so that everyone can work in a way that suits their body.  Yoga is non competitive and there is no end game, everyone is on their own journey.


Baby, children’s and Family Classes

What should I wear?

Make sure you and your little one wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can both move easily in.  Toddlers and children will be asked to remove shoes and socks, adults will be asked to remove shoes.

What do I need to bring?

Bring anything you would normally need for your child plus a small blanket for Yoga Babies.

When can I start coming along?

The ideal age for babies to start is around 12 weeks as this is when they really start interacting with the world around them, however all babies are different and you are welcome to start classes sooner providing you and your baby have both had your 6 week checks.

Are the classes just for mums?

No!  Dads, Grans, Aunts or any other adults are welcome to come along to the classes with children.

Do I need to wait until the start of a new term to start classes?

No, although Warm Hearts classes are progressive I don’t run courses of a set length so it is possible to join at any point providing spaces are available.

Which class should I come to?

If your baby is not yet crawling you should come to Yoga Babies, babies who can move by themselves and younger toddlers should come to Yoga Tots.  For toddlers and preschoolers we also offer Mini Adventurers or Yoga Adventurers and for older children there is Kids Yoga or Yoga Together.  See our class descriptions for more information.  You can come to any of these classes for more than one term.

Can I bring two children?

You can attend any of our classes with two (or more) participating children, two siblings attending with one adult can enroll in the same class for the price of one.  Older or younger siblings are also welcome to come to classes with their sister or brother.  If you would like to bring two children and are unsure about which class would be the best please get in touch.


Have another question?  Please get in touch