Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is:

What data do I collect?

  1. Contact details (e.g. email address, address, phone number)
  2. Personal details (e.g. child’s DOB, emergency contact details).
  3. Medical information
  4. Photographs
  5. Feedback (usually anonymous)

Why do I collect it?

  1. To keep in touch about changes to classes, send out information about future classes and events that may be of interest, send out occasional electronic newsletters, see where clients are travelling from.
  2. To ensure classes are suitable for age and stage of children, in case of emergency to pass on or use.
  3. To ensure all practices are suitable and safe for all clients attending classes, to tailor classes to the people attending.
  4. To use on social media or other advertisements (where permission has been granted) to promote classes, to create birthday cards for children’s birthdays.
  5. To ensure classes are meeting the needs of clients, to improve classes, to use for promoting classes, for CPD and training purposes.

How is it stored?

  1. Electronically in a spreadsheet, on term registers, in my email address book, paper copies in a file safe at home.
  2. Electronically in a spreadsheet, on term registers, paper copies in a file safe at home.
  3. Paper copies in a file at home
  4. Electronically on a PC at home
  5. Electronically and paper copies

How long will I keep your data?

  • Email addresses will be kept until you ask to be removed from all mailing lists.
  • Phone numbers are stored with email addresses, but I only get in touch via text or phone call if you are currently attending classes.
  • Personal details and medical information are kept until you cease attending classes, at which point documents will be destroyed.
  • Photographs are stored indefinitely.
  • Feedback is stored indefinitely.


I will never pass on any information to any other parties.